Real Estate CPA Experts Ready to Help You

With complicated transactions, complex reporting requirements, and unpredictable economic events, real estate taxes are some of the most challenging in the industry. That’s why it’s important to have business advisors and real estate CPAs you can trust in the fast-paced world of the real estate industry.

At Bucknam & Conley, we offer business advisory, tax planning, and tax preparation services, to help you navigate the financial challenges of building a profitable real estate business and ensure you make the right tax decisions. We can also assist you with general accounting needs—from maintaining accounting records to generating internal financial statements. Looking for a partner? Bucknam & Conley can also work alongside your CFO.

As experienced real estate CPAs, we provide personalized services to each and every client with the goal of improving profitability, designing the optimal business structure, and reducing taxes – everything real estate businesses need to stay ahead of the competition. Our current clients include real estate investors, real estate syndicates, land developers, commercial builders, brokers, landlords, and property managers.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“When I met Melinda it was at a critical point in my business career. I had several businesses all in need of accounting and organization in order to go to the next level. Melinda dove right in and learned about all my companies and how I could maximize them. She has always been there for me over the past 10 years and I truly view her a partner in all my companies.”

Troy Miller

Owner of The Bunker (virtual golf), CM Fox Real Estate, and Troy Miller Construction